Have you got the key skills graduate employers look for? You'll need to give examples of these essential competencies in your job applications and interviews to impress recruiters and get hired. Read More on this link https://targetjobs.co.uk/careers-advice/career-planning/273051-the-top-10-skills-thatll-get-you-a-job-when-you-graduate

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What is the Skills Gap? The ‘skills gap’ is the phrase used to describe the difference between the skills that employers want, as shown by their job advertisements, and those that are available from workers looking for a job. Read more at: https://www.skillsyouneed.com/general/skills-gap.html

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Understanding who you are and what is important to you helps to empower you to make successful decisions and ultimately create a life that is more satisfying and meaningful to you. Knowing your values helps you to understand what drives you – what you enjoy and what inspires you and is a useful part of your career development planning.
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By developing self-awareness, you can reflect on past experiences that have given you a sense of enjoyment, achievement or real satisfaction. Think about why you chose your degree programme and which elements of your current studies engage you the most. By looking at these areas, you will gain a better understanding of your unique pattern of career interests and motivations.
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The aim of this presentation is to support you to develop and enhance your employability skills and career development ideas. The Session Outcomes are: • Define the term employability • Undertake self-evaluation – skills (hard and soft), attributes and behaviours; Identify areas for development • Know about potential career pathway opportunities • Create 2 or more action points for further career development. Please use the notes page to help guide you through the PowerPoint.
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This resource includes a broad range of general, personality, skills and competency based interview questions with examples of the types of content you should include for each one
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This presentation covers the themes around different types of interview styles and questions. What you can do to develop and enhance your interview technique and some example questions. Here you will find some useful links to further information, advice and guidance.
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Please find attached a template for completing a skills audit that will help you identify any gaps
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