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Please find attached a useful resource regarding Situational Judgement Tests which are a type of psychometric test. These tests are designed to test a candidate’s response to scenarios they will encounter in the workplace. SJTs can feel very different to other psychometric tests used by many graduate recruiters as they focus on measuring a candidate’s behavioural decision-making ability, something that is quite difficult to do outside of these tests
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Please find below a useful resource regarding Strength based questions during interview. A ‘Strength’ can be defined as something that someone is naturally good at, loves doing and gains energy from. A Strength-Based Interview seeks to understand what an individual’s strengths are, whether they can use these effectively and how engaged, energised or motivated they are by using them
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Are you CPD Ready? if you are unsure please use this PowerPoint to help you understand continuous personal development and how you can enhance your self-learning to increase independence and your skills base. Please use the notes page to help guide you through the PowerPoint.
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Attached is a document that you help you when creating and checking your CV. Use the checklist to make sure you have the right format and there are no errors.
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Please find attached a CV pack with all the information required to create a top notch CV
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Fancy a job in teaching? attached below is a resource that will help you with the route to take that best suits you.
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S - Situation T - Task A - Action R - Result This is what you will need to evidence your skills and experience within your CV. Use the document attached to help you stand out from the crowd.
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