Understanding Change is a key part of the research needed to inform us about how we can stay current and plan for our futures. Take a look at this fascinating short video on how the world is evolving

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Whilst not an exhaustive list, employers are looking for graduates who can demonstrate their transferable skills over and beyond their degree. Attached is a list of what employers are looking for - can you demonstrate and evidence some of these?
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Please find attached a PowerPoint on PDP and Goal Setting with some activities to complete - the documents you can find under the resources section. The notes pages have been populated as well with a fuller explanation.
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Everyone will have different ways of recording their personal development plan. Attached you will find some examples or you can create your own or use the internet to source one that suits you.
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This document will provide you with the structure and guidance you need to be proactive and to create a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to support your career development goal(s). Use it in conjunction with the examples uploaded together with the PowerPoint.
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Use this document to identify your positive personality traits - use friends, family and colleagues to help you - you will surprised by the results.
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Everyone needs resilience in order to cope with what life throws at them. Below is a document that works in conjunction with the PowerPoint and will give you some guidance on self-awareness, building resilience skills, self-care and a creating a strong growth mind-set.
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Please use this PowerPoint to help you recognise what resilience is and how to build your own. Make sure you use with the other resources available in the Attributes section. Set the presentation to Slideshow for the full effect. Please use the notes page to help guide you through the PowerPoint.
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